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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pavement - Father to a Sister of a Thought

The first time I saw this video was when I finally got my hands on Slow Century. I had been waiting for that damn thing since it was still gonna be a VHS. VHS! Ancient days! But when I finally got it and watched it, this was one of my least fav videos.

No santas on a hunt in a mall, no prince of indie rock crying in a barbershop, no orange rain slickers. But after a while this video grew on me. I started to want to shape my life around it. I started eating more chili. I wore plaid button down shirts and blue jeans more. Summer 2004 was my "Father of a Sister of a Thought" music video summer.

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  1. There are parts of this video that have always made me laugh hysterically. . .mostly any part where Bob Nastanovich is existing.