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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dapony Bros - ???

I hear about a lot of weird music. Sometimes mere words can't do justice to a certain band. Someone was trying to explain the band Detektivbryån to me and sent me a youtube video (found here) of this weird swedish trio playing on a metro train somewhere in Sweden. Well, apparently there is a website that features awesome bands from Sweden playing on the Swedish public transit. It's kinda the most amazing thing in the world.

I mean, imagine for a second. You take the same commute home everyday. Boring. Sometimes you'll find something to entertain you but you usually are stuck with your ipod and library book. But no, not today. Today there's some guy playing the acoustic guitar in the corner. Kinda annoying, whatever. Then some other dudes start humming along.. huh?

Then the kazoos. Oh the kazoos! And before you know it the whole back of the train is an explosion of sound and joy and everyone is singing and the song brings a smile to your face.

I really love this stuff and I truly think The Tram Sessions is one of the best websites on the internet.

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