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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mad Caddies - Goleta

Imagine for a moment your first concert. Sure, it was prolly something like Yes or Cher or NKOTB or something that took place in a giant stadium or amphitheater. It prolly made a big impression on you and the $35 souvenir shirt you got is STILL way too big for you to wear.

Well, the Mad Caddies (originally the Ivy League) weren't my first concert (that goes to Phish at the Thunderdome! Booya!). On the other hand, the Mad Caddies were my first punk concert. The first time my parents let me go to a dark, smokey club called the Underground. We didn't know what to expect (except gangmembers with knives - which there were none) but when the Mad Caddies popped on staged and belted out this tune, it blew our little 8th grade minds.

We haven't been the same since.

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