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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slough Jams October 2009


1. Andrew WK - TV Series Opening Narration
2. Andrew WK - Soldiers of Sorrow
3. They Might Be Giants - Roy G. Biv
4. Fishtank Ensemble - Made in LA
5. Rev. D.C. Rice & His Sanctified Congregation - I'm in the Battlefield for My Lord
6. Banda El Recodo - Besos Y Caricias
7. Unknown Artist - Oh Mother, The Handsome Man Tortures Me
8. Dead Milkmen - Nutrition
9. The Clash - London's Burning
10. Mariachi El Bronx - Call Mates
11. E - I've Been Kicked Around
12. Stevie Wonder - Maybe Your Baby
13. Conjunto Night Stars - She Only Wants A Friend
14. Bit Shifter - The World Has Turned And Left Me
15. Sun Ra - Space Aura
16. Flight of the Conchords - Rambing Through The Avenues of Time
17. Garfunkel and Oates - Me, You and Steve
18. God Help The Girl - He's a Loving Kind of Boy
19. Still Flyin' - Rope Burn
20. Temusewa Mukasa - Okwagala Omulungi Kwesengereze
21. Stevie Wonder - I Wish
22. S.E. Rogie - She Caught Me Red Hot
23. Ween - You Were The Fool
24. Potshot - Not Alone

DOWNLOAD: http://www.sendspace.com/file/n61nas (130MB)

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